Why DC’s New Superman Will Try – and Fail

The Justice League is dead in Dark Crisisand forming a new team will be no easy feat according to writer Joshua Williamson.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Williamson discussed DC Comics’ upcoming event, which kicks off in June 2022 and will run through December. The title picks up after Justice League # 75, “The Death of the Justice League,” and focuses on the legacy heroes of the DC Universe. Ahead of its release, Williamson revealed that the newest Superman, Jon Kent, will try to form a new Justice League, but it will not work out well.

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When asked about Dark Crisis # 1 introducing a new League, Williamson responded, “Well, there is no Justice League. Jon tries to build one, but it’s not going to work. You can not create a League just because you want to make one. It just doesn ‘t work that way. That’s a major part of the story, the fact that there really is no Justice League, and you can not just make one out of thin air. “

Williamson’s statement echoes problems Jon faced in the Future State timeline. This version of the DC Universe was designed as one possible future that the titles of the current “Infinite Frontier” era of DC Comics could lead to, with Future State: Justice League exploring a team including Jon, Batman (Jace Fox), Wonder Woman (Yara Flor), Green Lantern (Sojourner “Jo” Mullein), Aquawoman (Andy Curry) and the Flash (Jess Chambers). Jon dealt with a similar struggle in the title, hoping that the ensemble of heroes would one day be more tight-knit and like the team that his father, Clark Kent, was a member of.

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An issue Jon will face in Dark Crisis though, according to Williamson, is disapproval from the Justice League’s surviving member, Black Adam. “He sees them as children. He does not believe that even the members who have experience have what it takes to be considered the Justice League. There’s a scene later where he flat-out tells them that they’re lost in the shadow of the League. He does not believe in them. He has no faith in their abilities, and he feels that they are incapable of stepping up. “

Black Adam survived “Death of the Justice League” after watching both the main League and Justice League Incarnate killed by Pariah and other DC villains controlled by the Great Darkness. The Great Darkness is set to be one threat for Dark Crisis along with Deathstroke, the self-appointed “King of the Super-Villains.” Even if it’s not the Justice League, just who exactly will be on the main team working with Jon remains to be seen.

Dark Crisis # 1 is written by Williamson with interior and main cover art by Daniel Sampere, colors by Alejandro Sánchez and Arif Prianto and letters by Tom Napolitano. The issue is set to go on sale June 7 from DC Comics.

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