Who is DC’s Kaizer-Thrall? Possible origins explored following ‘Young Justice: Phantoms’ revelation

As the latest arc begins in Young Justice: Phantomsevery viewer wants to know the answer to one question: Who is Kaizer-Thrall, and where did it / he come from?

Kaizer Thrall is a character / object solely created in Young Justice (animated series) and has no mention in the comics. However, we have come up with two theories that might explain the meaning of his existence this season.

So without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Exploring Kaizer-Thrall’s possible origin

Kaizer-Thrall (Image via Warner Bros. Animations)Earth 2 # 31 (Image via DC Comics)Earth 2 # 31 (Image via DC Comics)

@DCComics I guess asking why his name is Kaizer-Thrall would be a spoiler.

Coming back to Young Justice, we see Khalid as an integral part of Zatanna’s arc, and as it ends, we also witness Zatanna’s plan to rotate the helmet between her, Zatara, Khalid, and Thirteen. Since the first season, the helmet of Fate has imprisoned Zatara for about ten years, and if the writers are trying to get rid of it, this is their moment.

There is a possibility of Thrall being connected to Kaizer-Thrall. The being is a powerful sorcerer and can be consciously hidden or sentenced to be (with or without the eleven-year-old boy) in the device.

There is a chance of one, both, or neither being right. Naturally, we have to wait for a few more episodes to find out what lies inside the mysterious Kaizer-Thrall.