The Secrets of DC’s New Black Adam

He’s even more eerie as Theo than he is as Black Adam, and that’s something we’ve never seen with that character before. I do not think Theo’s ever really been deeply explored in the modern day.

It’s funny, you should say that, because I find myself having to use a lot of restraint and not just write 22 pages of Theo running around doing stuff. When I was working on Black Pantherwhen you first meet him, you meet you meet T’Challa, and he’s in a business suit, he’s got a shaved head, and he looks like Captain Sisko, from Deep Space Nine. I like to write characters from the inside out.

I really feel like the Fawcett characters belong to younger readers, and I was always against integrating those characters into the mainstream DC Universe because I did not see what benefit what they were adding to the DC Universe that DC did not already have. Why do you need a Shazam when you have a Superman? What What does Dr. Sivana bring to the party that Lex Luthor can not do? I’ve been just poo-pooing the idea that every time Shazam shows up he’s scowling and he’s punching people. That’s just so wrong. An evil Mary Marvel? What were they thinking?

But my editor, Paul Kaminski, is someone that I’ve known for a long time, and we’ve wanted to work together for a long time. So he puts up with my nonsense, and he’s put up with an awful lot of it. And I’m so grateful that he has, but we ended up having two or three discussions about it. And finally, I said to him, in an effort to get rid of him, I said, “look, I’m not the guy you want for this. Because if I was going to write this book, I would do something like this. ” And I laid out chapter and verse of what I would do.

It’s a very subversive approach to the character, starting with this Theo identity that I find eminently interesting and underdeveloped. He is from Khandaq, and we are making that connection to Ancient Egypt. Now, this is a head of state, you know, but in America, he’s just another Middle Eastern guy walking around, and is subject to the same sort of ignorance and stupidity that people from that part of the world are routinely subjected to in our country… .I just figured that Paul would email me back and say, “forget it, we can not do that.” I’m really surprised that not only was he enthusiastic about it, but that the powers that be at DC… [eventually] signed off. There’s a lot of scrutiny going into things both at Marvel and DC because of the explosion of streaming TV. There’s a lot of money in these characters now, so I just figured that this would never happen… .I’m really very surprised that this book is coming out, I can not believe they’re actually doing this.

So hang on to your hat because I’m having a I’m having a great time. I really hope that this finds an audience and we keep going. I would really be disappointed if we got shut down at 12 issues. I just hope that there are enough readers out there that will support it and and keep us going.

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