Moriah Knew About Parents’ Struggles For Months

Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath admits that she was aware of her parents’ struggling marriage long before Kim separated from Barry.

19-year-old Moriah of Welcome to Plathville, revealed that she’d known about her parents’ marital problems for months before her mother Kim Plath decided to separate from her father Barry Plath. Kim announced their separation during the show’s June 7 episode, stating that she was “emotionally done”. The mother of 10 decided it was time to pack up and move into one of their vacant rentals.

Many fans speculated on the nature of Barry and Kim’s relationship and marriage, mostly seeing Kim as the dominant parent and commenting that she walks all over Barry. Other fans thought that Barry purposefully let Kim take the lead, speculating that Barry and Kim’s marital plight has been orchestrated for the show, and that they would eventually decide to reconcile after 25 years of being together. However, Barry and Kim recently announced they have decided to end their marriage. Kim and Barry’s separation caused a change in character for both, and even a change in dress for Barry after Moriah took the opportunity to feature both parents in separate photo ops after their separation.


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Even though Moriah had been living with her brother Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia Plath in Tampa, Florida, in an interview with People, Moriah said she already knew that their parents were having problems. “I’ve known for months before anything actually happened, months before they actually decided to separate,“Moriah commented.”I knew they were struggling.“Moriah’s split with Max Kallschmidt drew her closer to Kim, as the Welcome to Plathville star was able to confide in her mom. This may have helped Moriah to see the writing on the wall, and she picked up on some telling signs. “My mom was taking a lot of time for herself, taking the girls and … going to the beach or going on vacation, or taking them to stay in another Airbnb house, a different house that they have and working on things just separately from my dad,“she added.

Previously, Christian fundamentalists Barry and Kim had been harshly criticized by viewers for their heavy-handed approach to raising their children. However, during this separation, “I was going through my own heartbreak and my mom was — both my parents, all of my family, have been my biggest support group, ” Welcome to Plathville star Moriah revealed. “I could be a stripper and bartender and they’d be like, ‘Well, we still love her,’ and it’s such a turnaround from where we were a year ago, even two years ago.“The mother-daughter duo have since been checking in with and relating to each other. Moriah claims she will remain neutral, but that the separation is difficult to see, given both parents want different things and that Kim was not happy with Barry.

By seeing more of a human side to Kim and shaking up Barry’s image, the Welcome to Plathville parents might be able to rework themselves in the eyes of their viewers. Or perhaps they’re looking to keep fans guessing about what their motives are in terms of the show, if there are any at all. But despite Kim and Barry’s impending divorce, this certainly brought the Plath family a little closer to each other, ironically enough.

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