Marvel’s Celestials Have A Hilariously Inappropriate Name For Humans

Marvel’s Celestials have an accidentally hilarious and inappropriate name to categorize humans, as Hawkeye finds out they are referred to as TILFs.

Spoilers for Avengers #60 by Marvel ComicsAs the inhabitants of Earth face judgment in the Marvel Universe, a Celestial just revealed the accidentally inappropriate name they categorize humans under. In Avengers #60 by Marvel Comics, a Celestial informs Hawkeye that the Celestial continuum has categorized humans as “Technologically Inclined Life Forgers.” Yes, the Celestials refer to humans as TILFs, which Hawkeye can’t help but make a joke about.


The Marvel Universe is in shambles, as the Celestial Progenitor has unleashed its judgment on Earth after being awakened by heroes to stop a war between the Eternals and X-Men. The Celestial is judging every inhabitant to deem whether the planet is worth saving. So far in the AX: Judgment Day event, Thor has been deemed unworthy and murdered, while Captain America, one of Earth’s most wholesome heroes, has also been judged and killed – with the X-Men breaking their biggest rule to bring him back from the dead. However, during Hawkeye’s judgment, Marvel Comics reveals a hilariously inappropriate name by which the Celestials categorize humans.

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In Avengers #60 by Mark Russell, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, David Curiel, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, Hawkeye finds himself face-to-face in a diner with a Celestial who has taken the form of Black Widow. However, after Hawkeye believes Black Widow is pulling some sort of joke, the Celestial shows him their true self, referring to their cosmic form as the “Cosmic Majesty.” While revealing itself to Hawkeye and beginning its judgment, the Celestial shares how it categorizes humans as “TILFs,” which Hawkeye immediately pokes fun at as it sounds like the much more inappropriate slang term, MILF.

TILF Actually Has An Important Meaning To Celestials, Despite Its Inappropriate-Sounding Name

The Celestial tells Hawkeye that “TILF” stands for “Techo-Logically Inclined Life Foragers,” which is how they categorize humans. Of course, Hawkeye being his jokester self, inappropriately asks if TILF stands for “terrestial I’d like to–?” before he’s cut off. Even in the face of Celestial judgment, Hawkeye is very much in character, as he can’t help but downplay the cosmic situation with jokes while continuing to eat the cheeseburger previously served to him at the diner.

Of course, TILF isn’t the Celestial’s way of changing the inappropriate slang term MILF to feature terrestrial’s. Instead, as the Celestial reveals, it’s their way of categorizing humans and the way they view their role on Earth. But that doesn’t stop the Avenger from asking during his face-off with the cosmic god. Hawkeye is one of the few heroes who would find humor with the Celestial when the fate of the planet is literally on the line.