Magneto Takes A New, Terrible Role In The Marvel Universe

X-Men Red # 3 features a truly brutal, horrifyingly quick, battle between Magneto and Tarn the Uncaring, ending with Magneto gaining the Seat of Loss.

Warning: spoilers for X-Men Red # 3 are ahead!

Longtime leader of the X-Menthe powerful Master of Magnetism Magnetohas taken a new leadership role on the mutant planet of Arakko that places him on a terrible and violent journey in the pages of the acclaimed X-Men Red. Magneto often struggles with his own power, and how to protect his people without abusing his strength and position, and his new placement on the Seat of Loss as part of Arakko’s Great Ring will test this struggle.

Magneto got his start as the leader of the mutant terrorist cell The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, before joining the X-Men and leading the New Mutants at the Xavier School in the 1990s, before becoming a permanent member of the X-Men as a leader figure during the 2010s’ Utopia Era. Recently Magneto was one of the three mutants, alongside Charles Xavier and the now human and evil Moira X, to create the mutant nation of Krakoa, before stepping down from his role on the Quiet Council at the end of The Trial of Magneto spirit Inferno.


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X-Men Red # 3 – written by the legendary Al Ewing with illustration by Stefano Caselli and breathtaking color by Federico Blee – follows Storm’s new team of Arakkii-focused mutants as they oppose Abigail Brand’s “evil X-Men,” and attempt to keep Arakko stable. Brand has devised a plan to use the incredibly unstable yet powerful Vulcan to defeat Tarn the Uncaring in the Circle Perilous, which would unseat Tarn from Arakko’s governing body the Great Ring, and give his “Seat of Loss” to Gabriel Summers, and ultimately Abigail herself. Earlier in the issue Sunspot, a former student of Magneto’s, tried to convince him to fight Tarn instead believing he could beat him, but Magneto is so overwhelmed with the losses he has suffered in recent months, as well as the continued trauma from his first child’s death (a human girl Anya, unable to be revived from the Resurrection Protocols) that he refuses to fight. After Tarn, previously unbeatable leader of the Locus Vile, horrifically beats Vulcan to death, without breaking a sweat, Magneto appears to confront Tarn apparently coming to terms with his role as a warrior and leader.

After Sunspot tricks Isca the Unbeatable into betting against Tarn, and because he is an incredibly fighter, Magneto quickly defeats Tarn by putting his helmet over Tarn’s head, blocking his telepathy and crushing his head, ultimately becoming the new leader in the Seat of Loss. Arakko’s Great Ring is divided into four distinct sections, Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Night, and Magneto’s new role as the Seat of Loss places him in the Dawn section alongside Isca the Unbeaten and Idyll the Future Sear. Dawn is deferred to when there is war on Arakko, which is certainly what X-Men Red seems like it is leading to, and the Seat of Loss is consulted when and if a battle is lost. Magneto makes the second Krakoan mutant to sit on the Great Ring, after Storm who takes the role of the Seat of All-Around-Us as the Regent of Arakko, and is honestly a perfect leadership position for him. Magneto’s long history of villainy, wartime, and leadership makes him an ideal candidate to sit in the Seat of Loss, and seeing as the people of Arakko truly despised Tarn because of his horribly abusive fighting tactics, Magneto is set up to be a revered leader on the planet, something he may not be prepared for.

Magneto left Krakoa because he felt as though he did not deserve a seat on the Quiet Council, and because he no longer “had the heart” to continue on the Council after a series of horrible betrayals and losses as leader in Inferno. Now though, his future as a leader is uncharted, and stepping into the Seat of Loss may allow Magneto to reach new heights or growth and self-acceptance that he was never able to find as a leader of the X-Men.

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X-Men Red # 3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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