How was DC’s iZombie comics different from the show? Changes explored

iZombie premiered on the CW Network in 2015, and the show ran for a total of five seasons. Based on a DC comic book series of the same name, iZombie featured the journey of Olivia “Liv” Moore. In the show, Liv was a medical examiner who became a zombie.

Unlike most zombie movies, in iZombie, Liv does not lose her consciousness after turning into a zombie. Instead, she gained some powers that she used to solve crimes. Basically, she ate victims’ brains to access their memories and personalities for a brief time. That way, she could use their memories to find out the culprit’s identity.

Millions of fans enjoyed iZombie because of its story; however, most of the community did not know that the CW show did not exactly remain faithful to the source material. Instead, the network changed many major things in the show, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Gwen Dylan in the iZombie comic books (Image via DC)
Gwen Dylan in the iZombie comic books (Image via DC)

Exploring the changes between iZombie TV show and comic book

The main protagonist’s name was the first major thing that was different in the iZombie TV show. The main character’s name was Olivia “Liv” Moore on the show. However, in the comics, the character’s name is Gwen Dylan.

Apart from the name, the significant difference in the iZombie tv show was its world. In the comic books, the world is full of other supernatural creatures such as werewolves and ghosts. However, the TV show only decided to focus on zombies to make it less competitive with the other ongoing TV shows. Some of these creatures served as supporting characters in the comics, but because these creatures weren’t on the TV show, these side characters also did not make the cut.

Olivia Liv Moore in the live-action adaptation (Image via CW)
Olivia Liv Moore in the live-action adaptation (Image via CW)

Ellie, a ghost who died in the 1960s, was one of the most notable characters in the comic book series. Gwen befriends Ellie after becoming a zombie. However, Ellie was not a part of Gwen’s life on the TV show, and Peyton served as a human replacement for Ellie on the TV show.

Also, in the comic books, Liv, or Gwen, became a zombie because of a supernatural event. However, on the show, Liv’s condition was due to a disease. So, Ravi spends most of his time looking for a cure for Liv’s condition, a story arc that was exclusive to the show.

@bbcdoctorwho Still hoping for Rahul Kohli (Ravi Chakrabarti on iZombie) to be The Doctor someday. Perfect casting, in my opinion.

At the same time, Liv’s hunger for brains remains the same in comic books and TV shows. Liv and Gwen both turned pale after consuming a human brain, but they still looked human enough to hide their abilities from the world.

In the TV show, Liv developed a taste for hot sauce because she loses taste for everything else. So, she consumes human brains by creating different recipes from the hot sauce. However, Gwen does not have any problem consuming the human brain in its raw form in comic books. So, that’s something else that was created solely for the TV show.

The TV show features Liv going back to her past life and interacting with people from her previous life after becoming a zombie. However, things were not the same in the comic books as Gwen does not remember her past life after getting these powers. She only gets a few flashes of her past life, but she has no choice but to move on to her new life.


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