Doja Cat Asks Noah Schnapp to Set Her Up With Joseph Quinn

Photo: Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images for Fendi

How do you meet someone in 2022 when they do not have a social-media profile? Through their friends, duh. Or, co-stars at least. As he told Vulture earlier this year, Stranger Things breakout Joseph Quinn does not have much of a social-media footprint. “I do not have TikTok,” he said. “I have an Instagram account managed by a friend.” Which means he hasn’t been exposed to his auto-tuned voice in the form of “Chrissy Wake Up” nearly as much as the rest of us. But it also means Doja Cat has to rope in other cast members to shoot her shot. Noah Schnapp, who plays sweet baby Will on the show, posted DMs he exchanged with Doja Cat about the object of her affection. After pointing out that he “does not have a DM to slide in,” Schnapp provides Doja with the account. But alas! That IG is maintained by “a friend.” What cheek of friend, Eddie? Hmmm?

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