Boy Crush: It’s Impossible Not To Fall For UP10TION Lee JinHyuk’s Charms, Here’s The Proof

If you are a Kpopmap reader, you would’ve noticed an ongoing weekly series called “Girl Crush” that explores women in the Korean industry that many admire and have a crush on. Welcome to the eleventh article of our weekly series “Boy Crush”! This series will appreciate the men in K-Pop and K-Dramas that we have a crush on based on anything from their style, talent, personality, overall vibe, etc. We will be getting to know more about the most crushable boys in the Korean industry and all of their incredible achievements. Check out the previous articles featuring the boy crushes that have already been covered here! Readers voted for UP10TION’s Lee JinHyuk in our weekly poll to be featured this week. Before starting this week’s series, you can vote for who you want to see featured in next week’s article. If you would like to see a different idol / actor (not mentioned in the poll) featured in the series, please leave their name in the comments and we will add them to the vote over time. Important notice: the vote only decides who will be featured in the next article. Everyone in the poll will be featured in the series eventually. Suggestions will also be gradually added each week. Back to this week’s feature! Let’s get to know our crush, Lee JinHyuk! Lee JinHyuk is famous as a member of UP10TION and for his activities as a solo artist. UP10TION are known for their interesting concepts, performance skills, and great personalities. Lee JinHyuk is recognized for his addictive performance power. Today, we’re going to dive into the pool of charms that Lee JinHyuk has to offer. For those who are new to Lee JinHyuk, here is some basic information about him. Lee JinHyuk was born on June 8, 1996. He was born as Lee SungJoon but legally changed his name to Lee JinHyuk. He debuted with UP10TION in September 2015 using the stage name Wei. He is a rapper in the group but considered an all-rounder. Lee JinHyuk is an ace at using facial expressions and gestures to fully convey the concept of each and every stage. Check out this fancam of him performing ‘White Night’. Another must-listen song to get to know Lee JinHyuk and UP10TION’s performance chemistry is this ‘A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness’ cover. In May 2019, Lee JinHyuk joined “Produce X 101” with fellow UP10TION member Kim WooSeok (who used the stage name WooShin at the time). During that time, Lee JinHyuk gained a lot of attention for his rap skills which are accented by his accurate diction. Check out his iconic ‘MOVE’ fancam that had fans falling for him with each moment of his performance. During the show, he also became known for his leadership skills and the way that he became an anchor and lighthouse for other contestants, steering them in the right direction and becoming a reliable source of help for them. Even though it was a competition, he displayed his selfless attitude and leadership ability by

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